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cultures diverse publishing May 18, 2017

Hi there, it's Amina here, thank you very much for joining me. Today I'm talking about Diverse Cultures Publishing, I want to explain a bit more about the concept of co-authoring what that means, what it entails, what's in it for you and why you should consider it.

The aim of our organisation is to encourage people that wouldn't otherwise be able to for whatever reason write 300 pages of a book on their own. And those wanting to leverage the camaraderie of having to write with other people so that they can increase their reach.

The concept of co-authoring came to me in 2010 when I first wrote my first chapter with a lady in the US called Linda Ellis Eastman. With Linda, I submitted a 15-page chapter in one of her books. I didn't even know how it was going to work because for me.

All I knew before that, was, I must think about what to write, the 300 pages I had to write, I had to find a publisher and an editor. I'm going to have to think of how it's going to make it to book.

However, when I came across Linda I found that the stress of doing all that hard work would be taken away. Also, if I could write with other people that would help me too. Linda provided me with the support to shape the chapter, together with all the other people have been involved in the book. All I needed to do was to submit my 10 to 15 pages and give her a one page profile of myself and my services for this profile is that is about my business and what I was doing up a time. Once I submit it, I haven't forgot about it.

A few months later she got in touch with me to tell me that the book was now going to publishing because she had the right numbers of people she wanted. I think we were 16 in that book called Madam CEO. Once that book was released, I received my copy in the post and that was the happiest day in a long time knowing that I have something that I'm going to leave for my family as a legacy.

Coming Back to Diverse Cultures Publishing

I thought that it would be a good idea to bring back to all my friends, all you my colleagues like yourself who are in personal development and professional development, or any type of teaching. Male and female, I'm not just dealing with women, I'm not dealing with a particular race, I'm not just dealing with men, it’s anyone who feels they have a story to tell but they don't feel like they don’t want to write a 300-page book.

If you were to write a book on your own you, would need to find a publisher. you need to think of how you are going to market it, however, many months for you to come up of with all the chapters that you need for your book. Then you need to proofread and go through and manage it on your own. When it comes to the marketing as well, it might be difficult for you to reach many people because you might not be as famous as other writers who managed to sell their books and got a very good publisher to market them.

There is also a huge cost to that, so not only is there a cost to the publishing of the book and the editing, you also must think about the cost of marketing the book. In Diverse Cultures Publishing, we turn that on its head, rather than you having to think of all that only have to do is think of one chapter 10 to 15 pages that will do that includes any illustrations, tables that you want to put in your chapter, and at least 60 to 70% of that should be text. So, once you've come up with that, the profile will go onto our website. You choose the title of the book you want to feature in. there are some that we're running with now, they are the ones we are trying to fill spaces for. Each book will feature approximately 15 authors.

Only have to think of is you submit a chapter or two to us depending on how much how much you want to write. Each of the chapters should be 10 to 15 pages. In addition to that, you must submit a one page profile about you and your services. It doesn't have to be a full one page profile, it’s about what you want the readers to know about you, and your business and how to reach you. We also need a nice professional colour photograph that you'd like to go into the book and at the back cover of the book.

All the authors will be listed in the book once you do that then you relax, we will take over the rest, so we will provide you with support if you need it. We will deal with the editing would deal with after publishing of the book.

Once the book is out you can get copies from us at a much lower price so that you can use them at your events

Now there are great benefits, we know writing is therapeutic, and if you don't have the strength of writing a whole book you only have to write a few words and that's works as well. While you market your marketing new chapter, you're not just selling yourself, you are marketing the whole book equally and other people you've co-authored with. When they are marketing their chapter, they are marketing you as well so you've got to reach more people than you would otherwise reach when you're on your own.

How about that, sounds great right? but that's not all of it. We all have a story to tell her something to teach about leaving a legacy so if feature in a book now right now, your teaching will reach more people than you can imagine.

You also hold the intellectual property for your chapter, all the material that you submit is all yours, I don't hold any intellectual property of it. You can reuse it how you want, that's your content. I'm not precious about it, all I'm doing is bringing together powerful minds, great people like yourself to come together and write a book.

That way we can to teach as many people as far as we can. Your name will be out there, you will have left something that future generations are going to benefit from. You are putting out a positive message to the world because all the other books are professional development and personal development for positive messages, teaching other people how to do things that you may have struggled with yourself but found a way around them, or something that you know because you've turned yourself and you are good at it.

Or you are you want to tell other people you also get to use this book with a chapter in your book has a speaker so for you to go and talk to her at her events you can tell them you're a co-author of this book and it works.

It has worked for me from my first book in 2010, that I told you about, I went ahead and wrote two more books with Linda. Those three books were a game changer for me because my business changed, I got invited to go and speak I got invited to mentor other people and run workshops, and got paid for them. So, if you are looking at look at eventually getting paid work as well this can help.

Your Investment

So, let's talk about the cost, at the moment the full cost of writing a book according to my research and I may be wrong but this my own research and I've done it in a few different ways. It can cost you up to £4,000 for you to get together all the things that you need to write on your own. If you're lucky enough to have a sponsor, maybe they can sponsor you and pay that amount for you but if you a small business and just starting out or you're just a small business can be a lot of money you to put together instead. Plus, you have to think about the ongoing marketing plus thinking about the reach that you're going to have.

If you co-author a chapter in one of our books all you have to pay is £477 that's the cost that you paid per chapter

Now here's an even better deal now, we have a sale going on and it's got it's not going to last forever. The sale we have on now, is for the first chapter, all you need to contribute is £237, that £237 includes VAT which is value added tax. We must pay VAT as a company based in the UK. Once you pay via our website, we will sign a contract. so, there's no gimmicks there's no me taking over everything. This offer is time limited and may not be available if you delay.

We guarantee that we can't use your text in another book without your written permission so it's all hundred percent of material you are just getting together I'm just bringing a lovely mind great minds together.

I know this is something that you are willing to get involved in and I want to see you on the other side I want to see you be coming also so please visit the website You will find more information we are offering opportunities.

If you join me now you have more benefits because your profile not only will you have your profile in the book but you also be featured on our website, we have offers website where we have not just someone else.

So, do it now, join us register yourself now if you're not clear if you don't understand pick up the phone call me and ask the question that you have to ask, my mobile is 0744 7669 200.

My name is Amina Chitembo, and I hope to see you soon click here on the link and register now don't wait because people are waiting to learn from you and people are waiting to hear what you have to share!

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