How to Deal with Negativity and Fear

How to deal with Negative Voices and Fear

Hi everyone, it’s Amina here. Nice to talk to you again, I hope you're having a lovely time wherever you are. I had a lovely weekend and I'm sorry I've been quiet for a couple of weeks. That's because I have been training a new team member. We've been quite busy in the office trying to get everything sorted out for her to be ready for work. So now the induction is over and I'm back to recording.

Today I want to tackle an issue that I seem to get a lot of questions about. This issue is;

How do you deal with negative voices, and how do you deal with fear?

So, negative voices first, whenever you start something new there will always be people that would tell you you're crazy, there will always be people that do not believe in what you believe in and that's just a fact. Most of the times people like that, are the people that are closest to you … Those that you expect to support you and to understand what you're doing.

So, for instance, a close friend, maybe a family member you know… Somebody that you really want to get approval from.

But the question is….

Do you really need approval from anyone when you know what you believe in, and you know what you want to do for yourself?

My answer to that is; Not really… People have asked me:

How do you managed to deal with negative people around you?

Yes, I'm a human being… I've had a lot of negative input in my life and sometimes. I've been told I'm crazy, and I've been told I could never do what I want to do. But you know what? I believe in what I'm doing and I believe in myself and that's the most important thing.

Secondly, it's not that I don't have the fear or the negative thoughts myself sometimes, but it's how you fight through them. I use that energy that I get to push me forward. To say ok today, I don't feel great, I am doubting myself.

I turn that around, that same energy and think what if it works what do I do?

So there you go….

We all get those negative voices in our heads.  I do get those negative voices from other people but you know what?  I always try and turn that around. Also, I have a number of people in my life that through my interaction with them, I have worked out that actually they do believe in what I say no matter how crazy ideas may be. They do think it's a great idea but that's so those are the people I run to when I get stuck.

What I want to encourage you to do today is; Look at your friends list look at your family members made it look at people that are in your life.

Choose just one or two people you don't even need many who you can confirm with whom you can ask when you're in doubt just share your idea and see what they say whether they think it's a good idea. However, even with that situation if you're still really believe in what you're doing just go for it. Don't worry because

“it's better to have tried something and failed than to wish you had tried and trust me there a lot of people out there that wished they had tried and they leave in rich l and all the time and they never progress so hopefully that's been helpful to you and hopefully going to send you somewhere so as you goal.

I will speak to you again soon, believe in yourself the final decision lies in you and not is everybody else just you. You are great trust me you can do this you can do whatever you're thinking about right now, whether it is a business idea or that job that you want to get, you can get it.

Just go out there and get it ok? If you have any issues that you worry about and you don't have anyone in your life to talk to it comes up to me come and find me I'm always open to talk to people because I love hearing peoples great ideas.

Have a nice evening and speak to you soon bye.

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