When is it the right time to start a business?

I wanted to answer one question I keep getting asked.

When is the right time to start a business?

People come to me and say that they like what they are seeing and what I am doing but it’s not the best time for them. They are waiting to get stuff together. To get information that they want to get that is when they can think start thinking about what business they can start?

A friend of mine asked me: When is the right time to start?

My honest response: I don’t know,

I don’t think there is ever a right time to start anything, circumstances will lead you to change, circumstances will lead you to do what you want to do. Circumstances will also lead you to change your job or start a business, but in terms of starting a business, I have started a few businesses in my lifetime, some have been good and some have been massive failures, but at the end of the day the one thing that I know is the drive for me is the need to make a difference in somebody else’s life.

So, I have an IT background, I have never really worked in the IT industry, as I never really enjoyed teaching people how to use a computer when they can learn from themselves. So, I preferred to move on and do community development.

Community development and leadership being my background workwise, so the types of businesses I think about do with community development and leadership and the teacher in me means I gravitate towards teaching personal development, professional development.

Those are my areas, so in terms in what has driven me to set up businesses, its where I see that there is a need and I research, I study and I ask questions. I find that there is something I can contribute to the world if I did that as a business.

In your situation when you look around you. You must ask yourself what is it that drives you?

Is it the need for money?

Is it the need for a change of life?

Is it wanting to make a difference?

Once you answer those questions, that will determine what business you will do and when you should start that business. Personally, what drives me is helping people, teaching, making a difference in the world, I like happiness and I like being happy, sometimes it may not seem like that but I like happiness and peace around me.

There is so much going on in the world right, so much negativity, and if you as a person can make a difference in somebody’s else’s life then that’s worth doing it. If you can do that and you love what you are doing and can end up making money out of it, then that’s a business for you.

The right time to start is now, if you have an idea, if you have this idea that has been niggling for a few years and you keep saying one day I’ll do this. That day is now, start thinking about it, start looking around. There’s a lot of help you can find on the internet:

You can find out how to start a business, what kind of business, and what you want to go in.


What if the market is saturated in the business I want to start?

A lot of people have said, what if there are so many competitors?

Hey guys, wake up, if you are going to think about a business idea that hasn’t been done before then it will take you years to think of one, and by the time you have found one, somebody else would have found that idea also.

I like to think of it this way, if we look at the retail shops in the UK, we have Sainsburys, Tesco’s, Morrison’s and the list goes on. People get up and go and buy where they want, for a reason. So, for me, I’m a Tesco girl; why? Because I like the Tesco points, it’s not just the same as when I go into Asda and other shops. When I go into Tesco I know I’m going to get points even if it’s one penny, when I go back to exchange my 12-pound voucher it feels good. That’s why I go to Tesco’s.

Equally in your business you have to ask yourself, what sets you apart from the other people that are doing the same thing that you want to do. If you think about what sets you apart then you are on to a winner. You must know that it doesn’t become clear from day one, it takes time. It will take refining and sometimes it’s the thing that you think that is. It could be the thing that you don’t think will work, that works the best. And that plan that you have, that makes you say I’m going to do this, is the one that may not work, but you must try it out anyway. Because if you don’t try it, you’ll never know if it would work or not.

What About Financing?

Regarding financing, there are lots of organisations out there that can give you finance. In the UK I think virgin start-up can give you finance, the banks can too, that’s if you need finance for your business to take off. There are a lot of business that you can start that don’t need you to have lots of money, you just need to have your knowledge and off you go.

If that’s the kind of business you want to start then that’s easy, you don’t have to worry about how much you need, you may need around £500 for your marketing or something, but if you tell those people around you when you start your business then some of those will become your first customers. We live with our first customers and we don’t think they will help us.

I think they are a lot of things I can tell you about setting up a business, about starting a business and if you’re interested in this then I’m running a few courses within the next few months. Hop on over to my website and see what’s there.

I hope this post has been helpful, as I promised yesterday that I’ll make a little bit longer, I hope to see you on the other side, don’t depend on one single source of income which is your salary because if your job goes tomorrow you won’t have a salary, so start thinking how you can multiply your income, get the right help from the right people, look around and you and see who can help you, lessons will be learned, it’s not everybody within your circle that can help you as some people are just there, they can only know how to call your crazy, if one person tells you your crazy then move onto the next person and they will help you, one thing that I’ve found that are people that are already successful are very helpful, and for me I’ve had a lot of help from people that are like that.

I’m wishing you all the best and hopefully you will be setting up your business soon, if you have any questions for me, comment here and I will respond to every comment and if you don’t want to comment on her then just send me an email or an inbox on Facebook messenger.

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