Inspiring High-Performing Leaders.

We specialise in transformational training and coaching designed to help corporate leaders and business leaders take empowered steps to redesign their organisations and lives in alignment with their highest and most productive priorities leading to profitability. 

We help our clients to create happy and balanced workforces, which is a catalyst to high-performance and profitability.

“Happy and energised people work harder, leaner, faster, and NOT longer”.

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Can we be of Help to You? Our Specialism.

“Coaching is a collaborative, solution focused, result-orientated and systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of work performance, life experience, self-directed learning and person growth of the coachee”. Association for Coaching, 2005.

We provide High-Performance training coaching and to individuals who want to progress higher, faster, secure and maintain their financial stability and good mental health. We work on the whole person, i.e. professional and personal life.

Amina Chitembo, our CEO and Founder offers Accredited Corporate and Executive Coaching with The Coaching Academy, UK and Certified High-Performance CoachTM with the High Performance Institute, USA.  

Amina also has a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management. She is also a key note speaker on High-Performance, Financial Stability and Mental Health in Leadership.

At Diverse Cultures, we also offer transformational workshops and presentations for teams and organisations.

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What we can do for you... Services we offer

One to One Coaching: for Corporate and Business Leaders.

Because of the popularity of this High-Performance coaching model, there has been increased demand on the one to one coaching. Therefore, Amina can only work with a limited number of highly motivated leaders on a one to one basis at any given time. This allows her to offer them maximum benefit and value. Learn more at You will be contacted within two working days to be to be notified if you have been offered a strategy session. Only fully completed forms will be considered.

Access Strategy Session Booking Form Here

Group Coaching: Leadership Recharge Monthly Webcast.

You get the same curriculum as the one to one, but this is offered in group. The 12 sessions are offered as rolling programme. Group coaching is open to anyone, again to ensure clients get maximum value, there is a limit per group. Small groups allow for the coaching to be more meaningful and allow coaches to participate. There are three groups running a year on different days and times per month. Each group lasts one hour. Contact support to book a 15 minutes’ chat and get times and dates.

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Bespoke Training and Workshop: for Corporate and Business Teams.

These tailored coaching sessions by arrangement to meet the organisation’s needs. These sessions are popular too, so we can only offer a limited number. They will be run by Amina Chitembo or a fully trained associate coach. The organising manager can contact [email protected] to arrange a needs assessment appointment meeting.

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When you would you consider hiring a High-Performance coach?

  1. When your business is seeking to develop its employees in specific competencies using performance management tools.
  2.  When a company has some talented employees, who are not meeting expectations.
  3. When a company is introducing a new system or redesigningWhen a company has a team needing of increased competency in specific areas.
  4. When a leader or executive needs assistance in acquiring a new skill as an additional responsibility.

Amina, With Brendon Burchard, Founder, High Performance Institute, USA 

Benefits of Working with Diverse Cultures?

  1. You will receive a CPD certificate which will have our unique provider reference no. 2115946. The certificate confirms the number of hours you have been coached, which you can claim towards your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements.
  2. CPD is a compulsory requirement for a vast number of professions including; Doctors, lawyers, accountants, dentists and to name but a few.
  3. Amina Chitembo has achieved CPD accredited status. Along with coaching, teaching and Leadership & management qualifications you be will rewarded with multiple benefits following your coaching.
  4. As your High-Performance Coach, Amina will help you excel and succeed above standard norms consistently over the long-term. You will achieve your goals, in less time which is a great benefit,
  5. You will be able to:
    • Identify strengths and development needs and help you leverage them to get desired results.
    • Influence existing strengths that will help increase performance levels
    • Adopt and reinforce leadership competencies crucial to the higher productivity
    • Develop skills and practices, learn coaching skills they can implement in your teams to build expert teams which will help with staff retention, energy and happiness.
    • Enhance career planning and development with an action-oriented plan
    • Create greater work/life balance
    • Get regular on-going feedback and support through on-going coaching that assures professional growth for both staff and management.

Leadership Recharge Live

A Prestigious Two-Day Mastery and Networking Event Incorporating a Gala Dinner.

An exclusive retreat where Corporate and Business Leaders come together and learn from each other and exchange ideas. The event is aimed at leaders in the UK and from around the world. It offers the opportunity to meet other highly-experienced people who will become future clients, business associates as you get the opportunity to build professional relationships.

Visit for details.

Online Courses

We have a number of courses that can be accessed by anyone, Visit to view current courses.

"I have been working with Amina for over 5 years now. She has not only changed my way of thinking but my attitude towards life too. She is a great trainer and coach; she is a High Performer who uses unique tools to help her clients to achieve their goals. Her courses are laid in such an easy to follow way but offer great depth."

Hanna Moore
Realtor at Exit Real Estate Gallery - Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

"As business owners, we were struggling, Amina came in and helped us develop an easy plan than that help us to turn things around, she helped us understand and identify where the problems were. Taught us how we can use our time better and some simple techniques which have improved our energy and help us to perform better in the business, and it’s now grown to be a well-known brand in West Sussex with tables booked every weekend and some week nights. She is a great coach. She also has a very supportive and responsive team. We now tell everyone, that Amina is the go-to place for high performance training. Give her a go and let the results speak for themselves. You won’t regret it!"

Mr and Mrs Chowdhury
Magna Restaurant, West Sussex, UK

"Amina has taught me how to aim high and achieve my dreams despite all the struggles I have gone through. I am a Manager in my job, something I never thought was possible. She still mentors, coaches and motivates me reminding me that only I, can stop myself from progressing in my career. If you are stuck and need someone who can give you the confidence and tools to move forward. Amina is now like a big sister to me and my #1 resource for learning leadership and management. You get everything you need to start from the basics and transition into a high performing leader. The best part for me was to learn how to delegate, influence and persuade so that I get the best out of the people around me. Amina is very professional and I would certainly recommend working with her"

Pamela Mahaka
Pamela Mahaka, West Midlands, UK