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About Diverse Cultures High Performance Training and Coaching.

Hello and welcome to Diverse Cultures High Performance Training and Coaching. Thank you for your interest, and we are delighted you are here!

Our Vision and Promise To You

Proven experience gained with the public sector, voluntary sector and private Sector senior management roles.

Proven expertise in transforming organisations that struggling to meet budget cuts and savings targets, helping them work leaner and faster with streamlined performance.

Proven expertise in creating and leverage expertise of integrated teams. 

Helping corporate and business leaders to create balanced healthy work life thus improving mental health.

Experts in building high-performing workforces through coaching and training.

You will benefit from the new ground-breaking specialised High-Performance coaching.

A CPD Standards Organisation accredited provider which means we will give you certificates towards your Continuous Professional Development hours.

A socially and environmentally conscious business passionate about contributing to better mental health and wellbeing of people in leadership.

About Amina

I am Amina Chitembo, founder and owner.  I am passionate about helping others to achieve greatness. I can teach you simple very effective High-Performance tools and techniques encouraging you to move from procrastination to productivity and profitability.

I am proud to be The Happily Imperfect Leader. I work with people that struggle with any areas of their life and those that are always being told they’re not good enough, for I was told that many times myself and I have proved the critics wrong.

I believe we all can achieve whatever we want, with positive vibes in our lives and that is what I offer. 

I am one of only 200 Certified High Performance CoachesTM trained by the High-Performance Guru Brendon Burchard of the High-Performance Institute, USA. I use an advanced 12-session programme which will help you master key areas of life such as CLARITY, ENERGY, COURAGE, PURPOSE, PRODUCTIVITY, and INFLUENCE. Thus, helping you develop and maintain high-performance habits which lead to feeling more PURPOSEFUL, HAPPY and FULFILLED.

But that’s not all I am an accredited Corporate and Executive Coach trained by the Coaching Academy, UK and validated by the CPD Standards Organisation, which means when you work with me I will give you a certificate which will count towards your Continuous Professional Development House, fabulous right?

Can we arrange a chat to see how I can help you? It will be my honour to serve you.

What I enjoy most…

I love to share the well-known secrets that you are not using to boost your business or career. I learn the secrets from the rich and successful, yes, I interview lots of them (and not necessarily the famous, there is a difference). I play where they play and ask for interviews, you will be surprised how helpful and will to share they are.

My journey is proof that you don’t have to be defined by your background stereotype, imperfections or fears.  Don’t let negativity and perfectionism stop you from living the successful life you deserve.

What else do I do.

I am a serial entrepreneur… I have other businesses such as Diverse Cultures Publishing, where we encourage people just like you, to co-author chapters with in self-help personal and professional development books. I specialise in the following series…

1.    Leadership Series

2.    Transformation Series

3.    Diversity Series.

I also have other investment businesses, which I won’t bore you with right now J.

Let’s connect on social media it will be fun, just search for my name!

Amina Chitembo, CEO & Founder
Certified High-Performance-Coaching-Expert
Author, Trainer, Speaker

Ps. we donate 2% of our profits to Mental Health and Domestic Violence Charities.

Contact Details:
Certified Corporate and Executive Coach
Certified High-Performance CoachTM
Master of Science Leadership and Management
Prince2 Project Management Practitioner
Qualified Further Education Teacher 
Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management
Member Institute of Interim Managers
Experts Academy Graduate
Diverse Cultures Ltd

P O Box 1369,
P: 033 3355 3601 |
M: 044(0) 7447 669 200
E: [email protected]


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