Are you a woman over a certain age?
Do you have Grown Up children?
Are you struggling with juggling life, partners, cats, dogs, menopause etc.
Do you feel you like can't live the life you want?
Have you spent years stepping aside for others?

Women over a certain age have so much going and we still have to smile.
If you are tired of bending over backwards and putting yourselves last. If want a supportive and positive next work to get you to your next big thing.

FACT: Women’s participation in leadership and politics are restricted. Women are underrepresented as voters, as well as in leading positions, whether in elected office, the civil service, the private sector or academia. This occurs despite their proven abilities as leaders and agents of change, and their right to participate equally in democratic governance.

Unapologetic Self-Inclusion + Self-Love = Self-Leadership

When women lead, the whole community succeeds

Individual women have overcome these obstacles with great acclaim, and often to the benefit of society at large.

However, most women have given up and are waiting for someone to give them the platform to shine. The aim of this network is to help you level your  playground needs to be level, opening opportunities for all.

Institute for Women's Self-Inclusion to Leadership (IWSL)

Institute for Women's Self-Inclusion to Leadership (IWSL)

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