Certified High Performance Group Coaching

Certified High-Performance Group Coaching are Monthly Web Meetings conducted by Amina Chitembo.

The Session is split into two: 40 minutes of Coaching and 20 t0 30 Minutes of Q&A and Training. 

Certified High Performance CoachTM - 12 Session Coaching &Training where the client and the coach work through:

  • Clients learn tools and techniques to gain higher CLARITY, ENERGY, COURAGE, PRODUCTIVITY, AND INFLUENCE in their professional and personal lives.
  • High Performance means succeeding beyond standard norms consistently over the long-term. That's what Certified High-performance Coaching teaches you to start practicing.

Top Three Outcomes and Benefits

  1. Higher productivity, profitability, and balance in life through leaner and smarter working
  2. Feeling more purposeful, happy, and fulfilled.
  3. A holistic approach means that clients will gain more confidence and become more influential.

All my programmes have a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


As a thank you and to honour you for your commitment to improving your life, I will throw in the following BONUSES:

a.     FREE attendance to my Prestigious Two-Day Leadership Recharge Live 2018 (dates and venue to be confirmed). Where you will learn more insight into the success life and network with people that will motivate you to achieve more. The cost £497. You will only pay a commitment, and materials fee of £57 which is purely to reduce non-attendance rates). 

c.     FREE access to my Facebook private group membership where you can network and get great content from other members (priceless due to the support and comradery you will get in there) but just for maths its $47 per month, it’s an international group, so it’s in dollars!

All I ask is that you will give me your commitment and honest opinion regarding reviews on the value you will receive.


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