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What you will learn:

  1. How to increase your influence and create wealth, teaching and helping others to build their careers and business.
  2. The fundamental and foundation for success in your SME Business Career. The classic course teaches the latest concepts and cutting-edge strategies you’ll need to know to thoroughly grasp and succeed in the Personal and Professional Development Business Industry.
  3. The advanced Deluxe course will help you build your brand by giving you the actions you need to take and helping you through them. You will even plan for marketing, and start selling your products online and offline.
  4. It will teach you to move from using Facebook and LinkedIn socially, to grow your customer base.
  5. Help increase your credibility and following. Therefore you can sell your products and become a highly-followed, highly-respected Entrepreneur!


Amina spent thousands of dollars learning from the best online marketing Experts and millionaires such as Brendon Burchard(USA), Brian Tracy (USA), Chalene Johnson (USA), Peter Thomson (UK) and many more. She teaches practical steps on how to build a business through the great knowledge she has gained from them. She explains it all and gives you examples, templates, worksheets and tools to help you start your journey.

You can inspire people with what you know. It's time to make money out of your life's story and passions. It's time to become a respectable business person, an author, speaker, coach, online trainer, and social media entrepreneur with the Diverse Business Success Academy.

How does it all work?

That is what the three days together will teach you.

Let's get you creating and executing with new techniques that will positively influence and impact the world.

Why would you want to spend years wondering if the process can work? When others have tried it and succeeded, and you can just get the strategies. Stay ahead of the game! Learn new development techniques in the ever-growing digital world.

Course Contents


  1. Launching or Relaunching Yourself
  2. How to Sell Anything: Decide Your Direction Business
  3. The Five Reasons Why People FAIL and How You Can Avoid Them
  4. How to Use Social Media Platforms to Market Yourself and Your Business
  5. How to Position Yourself for Success
  6. How to Collaborate with Your Competitors and Leverage Their Position
  7. Measuring and Managing Your Performance and Success
  8. The Launch – Next Steps


  1. Standout and sell anything: You will learn how you can differentiate yourself and sell great products with confidence.
  2. Create your brand, content, and positioning: You will learn how you can start right away.
  3. How to make money from what you already have:  You learn how to start from where you are, building your list, creating programmes, courses, and webinars, etc. that you charge money for, and setup recurring revenue streams.
  4. Gaining credibility through writing, become an author, write and promote your books: You'll learn the process of writing for business, writing a book alone or co-authoring with others, whether you use the traditional publishing route or self-publishing, and the difference between the two routes.
  5. Speaking at events and highly-lucrative webcasts: You'll learn how to speak and sell with or without traveling, through videos and live webcasts.
  6. Differentiating between Coaching, Consultancy, Mentoring, and Therapy: You will gain clarity about the differences, and gain an insight into which one could work best for you.
  7. Modern social media engagement techniques: Learn new ways to increase traffic to your business and move people from ‘friends’ to buyers and clients.
  8. How business coaches or corporate and executive coaches get clients and grow their businesses: You know how lucrative coaching and mentoring have become in the recent years, why aren't you coaching yet? You probably don't know where to start? How to coach with an effective process? Learn how to get clients and to begin more lucrative coaching through groups.


BONUS #1: Join our Private Facebook Community where you can have discussions with like-minded people and build collaborations

BONUS #2: You will get the first view of Amina’s online training ‘Business Growth Course’ and the Co-authoring course (Value $1500).

BONUS #3: FREE GALA DINNER tickets for you and your plus one! (Value $150)

BONUS #4: 12 Months Free access to DBSA monthly Subscription webcast where you will learn and follow the developments in the business industry. (Value for 12 months $600)

BONUS #5: Join our Private Facebook Community where you can have discussions with like-minded people and build collaborations (priceless)

Bonus #6: When you pay the full tuition, you can register a friend, and they will only pay for half the Tuition. We will send you a special link to register them.

 Special Extra Time Limited Bonus#7:  with Option, you will also get the Certified Business Success Coach Certification (Worth $497) for free Limited places first come first served basis. 

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