Diverse Business Success Academy: Classic

Learn how to increase your influence and create wealth, teaching and helping others to build their careers and business.

Learn the fundamental and foundation for success in your SME Business Career. The course teaches the latest concepts and cutting-edge strategies you’ll need to know to thoroughly grasp and succeed in the Personal and Professional Development Business Industry.


  • It is 100% focused on getting YOU to where you want to be.
  • It is all about building the business you’ve always wanted – and blasting away the blockages that are/have stopped you in the past.
  • It’s isn’t just more learning.
  • It is about more implementing. DOING. Making this happen.
  • Getting YOU to where YOU want to be with the hands-on help and support of a dedicated DBSA Team and a group of like-minded people who may become future collaborative partners

Course Covers

  1. Launching or Relaunching Yourself
  2. How to Sell Anything: Decide Your Direction Business
  3. The Five Reasons Why People FAIL and How You Can Avoid Them
  4. How to Use Social Media Platforms to Market Yourself and Your Business
  5. How to Position Yourself for Success
  6. How to Collaborate with Your Competitors and Leverage Their Position
  7. Measuring and Managing Your Performance and Success
  8. The Launch – Next Steps


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